Happiness is an inside Job

As the proverb is well said, Happiness must come from our within. We cannot find happiness or peace of mind in different place. The only place where we can find them is our mind and thinking. This may sound abnormal that places would not give us happiness. Really it does not. Because happiness is a feeling that can be experienced through different places, but must ultimate be felt by us only. That happens only when we really feel that things or events I our life is for our good only and thus it will not harm us anyway. We must think that whatever happens in our life, happens for our own good. This feeling will make us feel relieved and happy that if not completely, we have to some extent reduced our triumph.

Happiness must not be expected by others, but must be spread to others and make them aware that when we are happy from within, every difficulty seems to be very small and petty. Thus we must learn from our mistakes and never repeat them and be contented or happy that we have learnt many things from our experience. When we have some difficulty, we must tell ourselves that we are not so weak to get shattered by such petty things. We must console ourselves and feel happy that we are capable of dealing with problems.

Happiness is a word that makes us realize how important it is to be happy. Like salt, happiness is not expected to be omnipresent in our lives, but when it is not present we feel the pinch of it. Happiness may be temporary. But it must always be present or felt in every situation in order to motivate us to move on because another situation would be waiting for us. We may be contented in life and we may say that what we have we are happy with it. But happiness is the only thing that we feel that must be present in all the difficulties and situations, because it motivates us to move from the present state to a new and future state. Happiness not only gives us the strength to face life, but also it makes us aware that our happiness may make many other people happy who can never face happiness again and would not stay with us till our lives.

It is a small little world and all of us have different definitions and meanings for happiness but all of us know the meaning of it but we deny that situations are alone not responsible for our sorrow, we are equally responsible. Thus we must make it in our mind that come what may, happiness and positive feeling will never get effected by any situations or events.

Life will take us through many happenings and experiences, but the actual teacher for us in life is Happiness that makes us realize that there are lot more good events waiting for us to experience and we must not feel disheartened or demoralized only because of some situations.

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