Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth. there’s nothing in our life that’s a lot of valuable than healthiness. while not health there’s no happiness, no peace and no success. someone with unhealthy health cannot fancy the pleasure of being flush. Health is a lot of valuable than cash. cash cannot purchase health and happiness. however a healthy person remains in a very state of walking on air and happiness. Health is a lot of necessary than wealth. an upscale person will afford varied luxuries of life like an enormous automotive, giant house, expensive accessories, air-conditioners, etc. But, he will fancy these luxuries given that his health is nice. A healthy person sings the glory of life and works exhausting to appreciate his dreams. He ne’er complains. he’s continuously happy and cheerful. He could also be poor, he might ought to work terribly exhausting to earn his living, however even the richest man would envy him for his healthiness.
Health education is imparted with the aim of up the health of a private or a gaggle of people. several square measure the blessings of transmission health education. Health education permits someone to stay physically match and in correct health. Health education brings positive changes within the mind of the coed. There square measure high probabilities that they might ne’er get caught within the deadly habits of smoking, alcoholism, drug addition, etc. Through health education, students square measure encourage to follow the principles for the preservation of health. Healthy habits ought to be shaped in childhood and youth. we should always be moderate in ingestion and drinking. we should always be wise within the selection of plain, wholesome and straightforward food. Over-eating is worse than no ingestion. we should always get lots of sleep and obtain up early within the morning. it’s our duty to require regular work up, and to own regular baths for keeping our bodies clean.
Good Health is vital as a result of a person of health will fancy nice happiness throughout his life time. while not health we have a tendency to cannot do something during this world. a person tormented by fever remains confined to bed. He cannot get out of doors. He cannot do something for anybody. Even a poor peasant with healthiness is happier than the baron with poor health.
We should follow the laws of health from our terribly childhood.
•    Early rising is that the 1st law of health, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, flush and wise”.
•    The 1st and requirement of fine health is regular exercise at explicit  times. It ought to be moderate and given up as shortly united feels a way of fatigue. Excess is to be avoided and is certain to do damage.
•    Walking is that the best variety of exercise to stay healthy.
•    Intoxicating drink and smoking ought to be avoided permanently health.

Value and edges of fine Health: Life could be a nice struggle, and health is that the best weapon to achieve success within the battle of life. A
healthy man will fancy life in each manner. Associate in Nursing unhealthy man lives a most miserable life. He might have intelligence, advantage and wealth,
but he cannot place them to use and reap their edges.

Hygiene Habits permanently Health
Pure water: Pure water is another supply of fine health. a good deal of illness is caused by mistreatment impure water. individuals in villages usually bathe, and wash garments and bovine in tanks. If this water is employed for drinking functions, it should bring unfortunate diseases. to create water pure it ought to be poached, so it should not do any damage.
Balanced and nutritive food: Wholesome food keeps our health smart. half|a neighborhood|an area|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a section} of the food we have a tendency to take is fireplace to stay the body warm; another part forms flesh to administer United States strength. Pure milk is that the most nutritive food. Vegetables and plenty of different things that we have a tendency to usually take square measure nutritive food. A mixed diet is that the best food for United States. Stale and rotten food is dangerous for health. Meals ought to be taken at fastened times. Over-eating causes several diseases. Special care is important concerning food once any epidemic prevails.
Cleanliness: Cleanliness is important permanently health. it’s the foremost necessary hygiene habit. Dirt spreads diseases, as a result of germs thrive in it. They move concerning with the dirt within the air, therefore a grimy man is well attacked with diseases. The man, UN agency contains a clean body and puts on clean garments, is free from dirt and mud, and no malady will attack him simply. Daily bathing could be a smart habit. It keeps our body clean. we should always keep our garments, beddings, food, utensils, and every one different things neat and clean. No dirt ought to be allowed to assemble close to our homes. we should always conjointly keep our teeth and nails clean. we should always bear in mind that cleanliness is next to piousness.

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