Life and Wellness

Life is based on how we perceive it. Its surely is god’s gift. Human beings experience many life changing events during their journey since birth till death. Depending on events we can define our current status or definition of life.

At the beginning when we take birth life is full of emotions that a child goes through.   Starts to cry and gradually feels the emotions of touch, love, care and affection. With this life is learning to respond, expressing feelings, growth both physically and mentally. Initially life looks simple innocent then slowly turns to other stages of to attain maturity. The circumstance human being undergoes shapes his personality. Physical health is to Sound body whereas wellness is to sound mind. To keep us motivated care is required stay fit and healthy towards both mind and soul. Physical health is attain with regular practice of physical activities like Yoga, Pranayams or Gym.  A better quality of life inspires us to stay motivated. It simply means feeling our best emotionally and physically. Satisfaction with finances, relationships and careers. The things that matter in the long run is not with the numbers rather focus on personal wellbeing.

There are different ways to achieve personal well being.

  • Stay active, Physical fitness has the ability to enhance your mental wellbeing. That results positively reducing stress, boosting energy and strengthening your immune system. If possible integrate fun with physical activity into your daily routine.
  • Stay connected, strong and healthy relationships are support system for every human being, be empathetic giving a helping hand within your capacity builds a strong and long lasting relationship. With the supportive relationship much happiness and self worth is created
  • Learn, no age to learn. Strife to learn new things, implement new ideas. Learning not only improves knowledge but greatly boosts self confidence
  • Be mindful, know your surroundings and your experiences enhance self-knowledge and self-understanding which contribute to fostering positive mental health. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment with fast paced life but always set time to have personal time, engage socially, be curious about world, try to connect with nature

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