Life is like a movie, Write your ending.Keep believing, Keep pretending

As the above sentences mean, life is a movie which has all the mixed emotions and that makes us happy, sad, angry, excited, impatient, selfish, nasty and many more that would differ with situations. The main aspect of life is that we have to be stable and think positive so as to ensure we move on in any circumstances.

There is a proverb that “Faith can move mountains.” This means that if we believe in ourselves and our potentials, no circumstance can make us weak or void. Whenever there is any situation that is throttling our neck, we must still pretend as if we are managing it efficiently. That pretending nature will gradually make us believe in our sub-conscious mind that what we are pretending is true. This will also make us realize that the pretending nature actually makes us feel lighter than being tensed.

We must always give our 100% and leave the result to be decided by god. We must just believe that we are the dolls and the god is controlling getting things done by us. When we watch a movie, we often feel a little excited about the climax and they say that “All s’ well that ends’ well”.  In the same manner life may show us or put us into many miseries. But at the end everything will settle down to its normalcy.

Movie always teaches us various kinds of reactions to different situations that doesn’t really work in the real life. That is what is reality. In reality everything may happen same as a movie scene. But the movie tricks to solve them cannot be applied. There is another proverb that says “Faith does not make things easy, but it makes them possible.” Which means that when we believe in something and we feel that we would not give up, then the belief will truly show a positive result. When the movie ending is tragic, we assume that the tragedy is true. But in an actual scenario, it would not be so miserable as well.

As a moral of all stories, we must think that after some time, the difficulty would automatically fade away. As we cannot do anything and our reactions would not really matter to any situation, we must just believe in God and make sure that we do not give before seeing the problem solved. A movie in some situations may act as an example to us. But it must be reacted upon keeping the movie situations in mind. If we replicate any situations, it may act adversely. Thus we must only believe in ourselves and think positive.

Like any other movie, our life will also end one day. But as a movie, people who watched us, stayed with us, will forever remember what circumstances we went through. When we do not think practically and give up, people will also forget the situation and finally tag us for being scared and looser. We may also think that the present situation will never be stable. But at the outset we must think that even before this situation or difficulty, there was another difficulty which passed away and thus this circumstance will also fade away soon.

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