Meditation and Yoga

Life is a difficult ride to manage with. Many times in various situations we feel disheartened, dejected, de-motivated or lose hope on ourselves. Every day god gives us various tasks to perform and as an exam we have to prove ourselves and score good remarks as in the form of success in our work or duty. God may not tell us that we have succeeded but the deeds we do will surely give us the result. There is a saying or a proverb; “what goes around, comes around” which justifies the content above.

Meditation and yoga form the part of our mental and physical strength and commitment. If we maintain the balance of our mind and body to be stable, then no situation can influence us easily.  Many of us do not believe in meditation and yoga. But the main fact is that the practice of yoga and meditation will help us maintain and resolve our health issues. They actually induce us to good health and good mood that makes us accept the different elements in our surroundings more patiently and efficiently.

Meditation is reviving your subconscious mind to make sure you concentrate on any aspect (god or any point) and forget or get detached with our surroundings. It makes our mind and thinking more stable and we feel peaceful. It makes us realize that the whole world is too small and the reasons for our depression is petty.

Yoga is the physical activity or set of exercises   performed to ensure our stamina and physical strength as well as flexibility. It will make us relax our nerves and joints and makes us feel fresh. It may be a little difficult but later we will come across many advantages that will help us resolve many health injuries or ailments.

Thus regular practice of Meditation and Yoga would not only benefit us mentally and physically but also would give us the strength and willpower to face this Huge and Complicated world.

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